Housing stability in New Hampshire is a significant challenge that leaves some of our most vulnerable citizens without access to the means necessary to meet their basic human needs.

The latest statistics for New Hampshire demonstrate the critical need to address this issue.

  • More than 4,230 individuals were documented as receiving shelter or transitional services in 2020.
  • Children represented 19 percent of those staying at state-sponsored shelters in 2019.
  • There were 4,043 homeless school-aged children documented in 2020.
  • The vacancy rate is 1.8% and the median rent is $1,413 for a two-bedroom unit in 2020.

The New Hampshire Council on Housing Stability is tasked with addressing these challenges and providing short- and long-term recommendations to support planning, policy and resource allocation for statewide, regional and local community-based efforts. In doing so, it is the Council’s goal for New Hampshire to realize improved health, social, educational, and economic outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

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